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Sunday, June 14, 2009

!~Hai all~!
ok,shall blog at this time since i had not much to do,
time to pen down my thoughts and feeling for this week,
for some strange reason,
been feeling out of place this hols,
which explain my kinda-quietness during lesson,
pardon me for not the usual chattyness...
maybe that the holiday mood was not there,
and somehow clash with my study mood,
therefore becoming out of sort...
so yea...kinda like that

ok,recently julian have created a new class blog,
yes after like 3 years,5A finally have a class blog,
http://www.5a-09.blogspot.com/ ,
please do visit our class blog,thank you very much,
hope that the blog would go on after we are in poly/jc etc...

well,as said eariler,it was a shitty week for me,
i was bored to death,homework seems endless,
making me wan to just throw out of the window,
my skills in gaming have deprove,
i dunno for wat reason,
try to aim but always miss,
makes me fed it all the time and just quit the game,
youtube cheers me up abit,
couple of funny-cum-retro vid are quite nice to watch suddenly,
next week is the last week of the hols,
for some reason i am happy that it is coming to an end,
at least it save me from my boredroom,
for the past few weeks keep going to school but it was not productive at all,
except for mr.goh oral lesson.
At least i can learn some of the info that he had said to prepare for the oral,
Hmm....wonder any thing i forget to type....
nvm that ,
now new song to intro,
Sean Kingston - Power of Money,
another new song,
quite nice

i felt that whatever i type is pure bull shit,
please ignore me,
thanks and bb

on; 6/14/2009 12:27:00 AM

Monday, June 1, 2009

!~Sup peeps~!
well,as promise,
i would blog after the O lv chinese paper,
well,just had to say that after paper 2,
the retake-ing would be a confirm and + chop,
paper 1 was quite ok so i had all the pointers,
but not sure but my grammer and sentence structure,
hopefully will not pull down my grades...
paper 2 was a killer paper,
the compre hardly had any answer to copy from passage,
and since my chinese vocab was cmi,
doubt can get a high score for it,
well it all boil down to my oral and listening compre.
I hardly have any hope for oral,
as earlier said,my usage for vocab was really,really cannot make it,
well,hope that my listening compre would get a high score,
as what i gotten for my prelim 1.
K,after the chinese exam,
went to play soccer until 1.30p.m+.
Was totally tired after the 'match',
lots of laughter and the game was more of a comedy,
so yea.........
the first person who ask me bout the test was my lao da,
well,felt like disappoint her ,
so just to a huge 'SORRY' to her,
well,holidays are officially here,
but as usual,
for students of singapore,
holidays are not holidays,
there is pile of homework to be done,
and assessment to be complete.
Time is precious ,people say,
but what happen when you do not utilise your time fully?
what exactly does it meant to utilise your time fully?
studying,working,competing with peer for result?
well,sadly ,this is the nature of all young people in today world,
where a piece of paper rule over all others,
and to get that piece of shit,
you have to slog your life,ignoring your childhood,
just to get a place in the working world....
really have to pity children of our time....
enough shop talk,

lets talk about....
yea,found that last week music,
were a little off-standard,
well maybe it was that i rarely knew the singers,
but does not mean that i am stereotyping anyone,
who are discriminating against those singers.
B.E.P - boom boom pow,
is still in the top song of itunes,
follow by sean kingston - fire burning,
k,i felt that fire burning was rather a nice upbeat song,
can be use in prom night(dancing),pubs and clubs,
as you can just move your bodies with this song,
recommend for those who had a party life
currently hearing caught up sung by usher,
it is quite an old song,
did not hear it for a long time,
at first when hear the beganing,
i thought it was another song but after 6secs than i realise,lols,
k,this song is a r&b/soul type of song,
rather smooth but the beat was beautifully combine,
making it like a pub-alike song...
so yea,

had not touch my games for a long time,
even though my O lv chinese have finish,
felt that the games that i play are hard as there is a need to grind alot,
i am not those kind of people that like the slow process of .
lvl-ing up.....
k,shall stop here
!~Signing off~!

felt so ashamed,
that i could not protect you,
when you are down and out..

on; 6/01/2009 11:43:00 PM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

!Hi all~!
i know is kind of ironic for me to post now,
as i had said that my next post would be after 'O' lvs chinese,
but i had a hunch to wrote now so here goes....
well receive back our maths paper,
shockingly,i merely scrape through paper 1 with a score of 40/80,
others did not do well as most of them did not complete the paper,
although 2hr seems long but it is still not enough for us to complete 23 questions.
These aren't ur ordinary questions,
it was like a mini summary question,those like 30-40 words?!
i meant,is it so hard for the teacher to sketch a rough drawing and simplify,
the question as what i saw,
most question require a rough drawing to hav a rough understanding of the question.
Take question 1 for example,
it is about a satellite circling around the earth for 50 rounds,
the teacher wrote the question so long and when i did the drawing,
i just draw 2 circle =.="...
i mean,comon,dont tell me that Microsoft word cant draw circle?
The question was like a conclusion passage(it took me roughly 2 mins to fully read finish).
Enough of the paper 1,
paper 2 quite a number of people from both classes did well,
making the overall for maths pass.
Well ,mr.lee call us to REDO both paper and hand up on consecutive dates.
And whats more,our major chinese exam is coming is less that 5 days(120 hours,7200 mins....)
and we have hardly enough space to breathe,
let alone do his work.
Even the blockhead ong was surprise that we had to stay back today for maths,
i should have taken a picture of him,
to have a good laugh.
But no choice,no pain no gain,
i could only say that hope that the exam would come eariler,
and end faster...
of course,if the paper was easier that prelims,
it would be better.
Well,i shal end here as i have sch tomorrow and i coming to 1a.m,
See ya soon
!BB all!

when i read through ur post,
an empty feeling came pouring out of heart,
tried as i might,
i just cannot console you,
only to pray that you would overcome it

on; 5/27/2009 12:39:00 AM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

!Hi all~!
well its been about a month since i updated my blog,
reason being that the prelim 1 are over and o-lv chinese is coming in like 5 more days,
i can hardly find the time to blog,
so i apologise for the long disappearance for the post.
Well,first thing first,
i had done badly for my prelim 1 exam,
failing 4 out of 6 subjects,
i could only say that i had not put enough effort in the studies,
and that my eyes are playing tricks on me,
deceiving me on a couple of occasion,
making me loss a couple of marks that could make me pass....
well that say failure is the mother of success,
and this was a good gauge of where my standards lies.
So shall prepare for my up coming test and such.
Seriously,some of the score that i got was unacceptable ,
take a-maths for example,i have loss quite a number of marks due to 'carelessness',
making me fail by 1 mark...
Chinese paper 2 pull my grade down,making me fail by 0.6 mark
science was my weakest subject and i had pass my physics but fail chem,
resulting in failing by 4 marks...
by looking at these score,
i begin to feel quite sad,
as this was the first time in 5 years in secondary school life that i fail so many subject in one go...
they say that there would always be a first time for anything,
and i hope that it would be my last,
i have begun preparing for my prelim 2 and hope that i would be prepare to enter the battlefield,
so ya,
in a nutshell,school life these days seriously kill the young mind ,
they did not have enjoy childhood,
the education system is programme in such a way that children best friends are good result and books,
it is no wonder that the happiness level is the lowest in develop countries and highest was in the third world countries...
how i wish that time could turn back,
and we as the young ones could enjoy our life surrounded with happiness,
with no worries or whatsoever,
just innocent laughter and sound of joy....

enough of school life ,
after the prelim 1,
went to watch x-man origins : wolverine,
with the usual friends,
find that it was entertaining but the storyline was just to shallow,
i think the memorable part for me was when the girlfriend of wolverine,
told him the story of a goddess and a lone wolf,(i think)
well i think it was the most memorable part as the story was quite touching,
it had given the reason to the myth of why wolf howl during full moon,
so overall was a 6/10...
well movies that come out this year are quite exciting,
for example transformer,astro-boy,night in the museum....
well,hope to catch Sherlock Holmes which is coming out in late November..
as i am a great fan of sherlock holmes,
i am indulged by his way of solving mysteries and the silly antics done by Dr.Waston,
hope that the movie would be good as the storybook...

alright as usual,
new songs for the month.
well,i presume that most of you have known that kris allen won the american idol,
and his top song(as in itunes 26/05/2009)
No Boundaries was in the top 2 ,
black eye peas with the lastest hit singles - boom boom pow,
remains at the top...
well the newest song(s) would be,
green day - know your emeny,
rob thomas - her diamonds,
black eye peas - imma be,
linkin park - new divide(ost for transformer ?)
these would be the newest song if i am not wrong,
well i think that black eye peas was getter bad to worst at the lastest song,
had no beat,
as in they would just be putting words in the song...
the other was qutie so-so,
while Jeremih - birthday sex was nice,
but there was no meanig to the song at all,
i mean wth? birthday sex?!
look funny to have a title as that,
Enrique Iglesias Ft. Ciara - Takin Back My Love,
was quite a catchy song,
which is currently my favourite song,
recommend for music lovers,yah...
ok thats about it,
my next post would be in june ,after my o-lv chinese,
so yea..
take care and have fun people,

signing off,

the fire burning within was almost depleted,
it was growing weaker by the second,
the passion for it was not as stong as before,
just hope that i could last it be4 all was lost,

i am so sorry that i found out to late,
they say time heal all wounds,
but like all wounds,
it would leave a premernent scar,
it would just take one look,
and the memories would flow back
(i sound so emo,lols)

on; 5/26/2009 12:01:00 AM

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alright ,
iz time to begin my rantings for the day,
during chinese lesson,it was my turn for the kou yu xun lian,
i was prepare but nervous as i was,
i did a lousy job,
barely scraping though the marks,
i was like,
shit ,the score was not on my mind,
as i was out of topic,hence explain my marks,
i spoke a utter of giblish,
which also resulted in the marks,
than a-maths,
i had never fail in my a-maths test before,
and i fail ,BY 1 MARK!!!!!!
it was that darn stupid,
i pj 2 question out of 4,
went back home and found that my game is not working,
both combat arms and well,maple
thought i could come home and get some relaxtion and continue studying,
but now i cant =.=",
therefore blogging now,
recently ,
i had download a couple of nice song,
Eleventyseven - Love In Your Arms,
Jackie Boyz - Equilibrium,
Eminem - 3a.m,
3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me,
firstly i found Love In Your Arms quite a catchy tune and overall nice song,
and the song was a top song in Eleventyseven overall song,
here are the lyrics,
Ive been looking for anything
To point me in the right direction
Time is running out
And I still havent figured out
Quite how Im gonna reach perfection

Everybody is laying down the law
Theyre all amazingly opinionated
I know there must be something more
Than what the world is believing in
I was lost in a place no one wants to be
Trying hard to convince my heart to believe
You were there all along, I just couldnt see
That theres a love in Your arms thats waiting for me

I never bother with the politics
In the end they never really matter at all
So stop telling me who I want to be
Freedom means I make decisions

When everything gets so complicated
Who do I choose to believe?
Religion can be so overrated
But all I know is now I am free ...

it does speak the truth of our daily everyday lifes rite,
k,gtg ard,
signing off,

on; 4/30/2009 06:39:00 PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

!~Hi all~!
i promise people that i will blog,
and i dun believe that promise are meant to be broken,
k,start start off shall we?
beganing of lesson i was veri bored and tired,
for some i dunno reason,
just very bored ,
during mr lee lesson,
i got back my a-maths test paper,
although i have pass the paper,
i was so pissed off with myself as i had careless 4 marks,
which could contribute to a better score or higher grade,
gah,dun wan to talk about it....
wei an and clarence crap alot during mr-lee lesson,
'shooting' sean,serene and others,
it was so darn funny,
than during recess bo go and eat coz i been thinking,
i thought of alot of things but it doesnt matter to me now,
during the e-maths test,
i had the sudden urge to just dun do,
coz my mind was clogged with the previous thinking,
total loss of 5 marks,
which was quite a deprovement in the markings,
but never mind that,
mr krishnan lesson,
he motivate us by saying that if we got high score during the prelim,
we would get something for him..
lol,i bet with alyssa,
say if she get 65 or above for english,
she would treat me,
than it was our nafa test,
to tell the truth,
i was unprepared,
resulting in using too much strength for sit up,
which happen to be an A(just nice hit the target),
and shutter run 9.8s,
honestly,i could bo better for it,
if i took off my shoes,
and came the standing-BORED jump,
this was the ONLY test which i fail,
i dun not know how to jump the correct way,
than came the pull up,
for some reason i had to restart from 3 to 1,
which made me so piss off that i just stop,
i did quite ok with my sit and reach scoring 48cm...
than go and print the compre with elmond and others,
and we saw mr lee,
after that we went to econ to purchase our drinks and food,
than went home to blog and now
please support,million thanks,
and btw trying to find the disk to upload min hong the dance video up,
but so far no luck,
nevermind,even i could not find it,i had sent josen the last 2 vid,
which hopefully he could upload it,
k,shall stop for now to rest my arms,
!~bb all~!

eh ,alyssa,
time for you to blog aready hor,

on; 4/24/2009 04:49:00 PM

Thursday, April 9, 2009

!~Sup all~!
my apologies for not blogging these few days or weeks,
being tied down with homework and stuff,
found a time to blog which is now,
kk,so lets begin,
yesterday was my birthday,
but seriously,i do not care bout it,
coz for majority,
is the day where they found themself older,more mature,
most of all,receiving presents,
but for me,
i felt that is like a year closer to my death,
no joke,since like i think primary 6 or 5,
i stop having birthday celebration,
and stop receiving presents also,
although parents help me celebrate,
but no presents for me,
so yah...
call me a saddist or others,
but this is my own opinion,
my friends did not now it was my b-day,
until ze hong and zi jian came after recess,
and then they all realise,
lee did not come on wednesday,
which is like a disappointment for us,
cause there is no his lesson xcept for pc period,
ah nan went crazy and began shouting at the whole class,
guess he wanted all of us to focus on our studies,
today went up to class for the singing and stuff,
than to our surprise,
lee came up and i think we were disappointed,
than lesson start and mr.seah began his 'shotgun' lesson,
got a test on monday,essay remembering again...
than after recess got chinese compo test,
which in my opinion,was quite easy,
though got a few words i dont noe how to write,
than after sch went to find ah nan,
to mark my compo,
bout the marriage couple thingy,
said that can be improve and not to start by stating my stand on the topic,
will take not of that,
sentence like wise was too bumpy,
spelling errors,
use of wrong tense(again),
then went to eat with elmond and kenneth,
than came home to type this out,
finally a good 3 days break from school this week,
although there are homework to be done,
but nevertheless ,i would start off by relaxing,
and than chionging homework,
sad to say,i think that it would be useless,
but thats my nature,
to relax first than then full steam ahead,
kk,downloaded the lastest dragonforce album,
like the song entitled 'The Warrior Inside'
and 7.15mins song,
find that its qutie smoothing,
even though there is a short guitar solo,
but nevertheless found it pleasing to the ears,
currently listening to blue- best in me,
it is an pop song,
quite peaceful,
no screaming and such,
recomend this song as love song,
as it is about saying the positive side of having a girlfriend,
i like the sentence,
''Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do"
seeing this sentence make me this that been loved and loving someone is true,
however in the case of typical people,
where material is important,
it is hard to find someone u truely love...
kk,gonna end this post for the today,
!~tata all~!

nah,i blog ard hor,dun say i did not blog,
and cheer up lah,dun worry bout ur cca,
ur juniors will have to things without u,
sooner or later.....

on; 4/09/2009 05:08:00 PM


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